Privacy Policy


Who we are?

Claynext is a registered brand owned by Tvaroch s.r.o developing creative design focused products.

Last updated 19.09.2018


What information do we gather?

Information that relates directly to you (email address)
Information that does not directly identifies you (how you might browse our website; cookies, IP addresses).

Last updated 19.09.2018


How we use your information?

We might inform you of any news/promotions/events that we consider interesting to you, those which comply with the conditions disclosed within the opt-in form.
We might try to identify and segment your interests and create audiences based on our previous visitors cookies for advertising purposes or create lookalike audiences based on our existing email database.
We might use our visitors previous visits to analyze and optimize user experience on our websites, often using 3rd party platforms such as Google AnalyticsWe might contact you and inform you via social media, if you follow our brand.
We might personalize the content you see, based on your previous browsing history.
We might further analyze our users visits and any information provided to us by 3rd party analytics platforms in order to optimize user experience on our website (geolocation, behaviour, exit pages etc.)
Last updated 19.09.2018



A Cookie is a small piece of information that is placed on your computer when visiting certain webpages. For more information please visit: We use analytics cookies that anonymously remembers your computer or device when you visit our websites. We use these cookies to keep track of browsing patterns and to be able to understand how visitors use our website.We use advertising cookies to be able to build up a similar audience based on our previous visitors and to be potentially able to re-advertise our service or product. Most browsers allow you to turn off your cookies. To do this look at “help” in your browser or contact your internet browser’s support.

Last updated 19.08.2018


Where is our information stored?

Our email database is stored on servers around United States, following the highest security standards. For more information, please visit:

Last updated 19.09.2018